Plymouth Belvedere

This ’54 Plymouth Belvedere offers proven mechanicals, a reasonable size and sensible styling. It’s Tiffany blue and shines like new! Recent tune-up points include: condenser, distributer cap spark plug, rebuilt carburetor, new voltage regulator. Radiator brush ups include: radiator flush, replacement of radiator hoses, new fan belt, oil change in motor and transmission.

A new battery installation brought this beauty back to life! A new brake system was put in, including: new shoes, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, all new steal & rubber brake lines, as well as new front wheel bearings. The gas tank was flushed and new fuel gauge has been installed. All lights were inspected for proper performance and connections.

The exterior body was polished, buffed, and shined. The interior upholstery has been properly repaired, and replaced were needed. Motor runs, drives nicely, and holds a steady oil pressure. A perfect piece of “jewelry” to cruise around on your Sunday afternoons.

This 1954 Belvedere was restored by Paradise Oaks RV Resort car club, “Paradise Garage”. All net proceeds recognized will be put towards the Paradise Oaks philanthropic efforts, “Paradise Cares”. The mission of Paradise Cares is to support organizations committed to providing funding or relief to those in need; including first responders, veterans, and children.